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 Sipurei Tzaddikim: Pesach
Collected mikori dvorim keheviosam (unedited and unchanged) by Rabbi I. Sh., this treasury of special tales of Geonim veTzaddikim Kadmonim veTalmidei Ba’al Shem Tov was compiled from old, rare and obscure Sephorim especially for the Pesach Holiday. A perfect companion for the Yomim Tovim.

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Sobol Says: TM
Two Minutes of Torah: TM Short Essays on the Weekly Parsha


Delightfully yet deceptively entertaining, Ephraim Sobol’s two-minute commentaries on the Torah Parshiot are chock full of deep, original. and fascinating insights that make each Parsha vitally relevant and applicable to daily life. Reb Sobol has found a key to the mind of every Jew who “knows he is Jewish in his heart.”
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"A brilliant, compassionate and remarkably compelling book . . . among the best--maybe the best--ever written on the subject not just of homosexuality but of the capacity for human change of heart."
--Jeffrey Satinover, MS, MD, former William James Lecturer in Psychology & Religion, Harvard University; former President, C.G. Jung Foundation of Zurich, Author, Homosexuality and the Politics of Truth.

Light in the Closet: Torah, Homosexuality, and the Power to Change.
by Arthur Goldberg.
Can homosexuals transform their sexuality? Torah, Talmud and time-tested advances in gender psychology answer YES! The Co-Director of JONAH (Jews Offering New Alternatives to Homosexuality) tells how. This groundbreaking book explodes the "gay gene" mystique, offering hope, compassion, direction and vitally needed information to gay strugglers, their families, friends, and surrounding community.

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Until Your People Pass Over;
the Story of our Lives
by Moishe & Yetta Feiner.
Red Heifer Press.
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Trade Paper. 160 Pages.
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Spanning perhaps the most devastating epoch of all of Jewish History, the lives of this remarkable couple are told here by the protagonists with disarming simplicity and spine-chilling directness. From the beleaguered stetlach of the Ukraine to the snowbound steppes of Siberia, from the awe-inspiring Court of the Holy Tzaddik of Belz to the field kitchens of the Soviet Army, this is a Jewish survival narrative unlike any other that I have ever read or heard. Rife with hair-raising terror and trauma, pathos and hilarity, yet brimming with Holiness, with open Miracles, and with unswerving Faith in G–d, this book is a living, unadorned, historical testimony of what it really means to be a Jew in the last and darkest moments before the Ultimate Redemption. 
--The Publishe



For Di Amud


For Di Amud: 

Learn Nusach haTefilla with Rabbi Moishe Shur:
Weekday and Shabbos (Nusach Chabad/Russian)
Tired of davening in a monotonous drone? Ashamed to daven for di Amud? Learn the traditional melodic chant for Weekday and Shabbos Prayers! Learn the traditional Nusach of Chabad-Lubavitch and other Russian Chasidim. Taught by renowned Chazan Rabbi Moishe Shur. With 16-page booklet of detailed notes and explanations. Trackmap keyed to standard Chabad Siddur. Includes Kabbalas Shabbos, Kiddush and Havdolah.

2-CD set. Jewel Box included.
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