By Dan Bowling.

 Squadron lead and group lead pilot of the 57th Bomb Wing, 321st Group, 445th Squadron,  22-year old Dan Bowling flew 67 combat missions over Northern Italy between August, 1944 and May, 1945. He also kept a war diary, from which, soon after his return to civilian life, he wrote an expanded memoir of his wartime experiences. After discovering this precious typescript in a closet, where it had lain forgotten for more than 50 years, Dan’s son, historian Lance Bowling, of Cambria Records fame, published this stirring account of the unassuming courage, patriotism and dedication that won the war and keeps America great. Illustrated with Bowling’s personal period photo and document collection and an appendix of rare, original documents pertaining to WWII air operations, this well-written book also contains an account of the secret PDI system that enabled the bombardier to control the plane, during bomb runs, for precision bombing. A forthright, valuable, first-hand contribution to your WWII library!

Hardcover. 192 pages.

ISBN: 978-0-936939-09-4

Price (US): $23.95.




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