Kyklonio & Tanaïs. Two Poem Cycles Commemorating the Holocaust of the Jewish Community of Crete

by Iossif Ventura

Just over 70 years ago, on June 9, 1944, the German merchant vessel Tanaïs was torpedoed by a British submarine off the coast of the Greek Island of Crete. The freighter was carrying 900 prisoners of war destined for the slave camps and crematoria of mainland Europe. All prisoners perished in the attack-among them, 299 Jews (men, women and children) comprising virtually the entire Jewish Community of Crete.

Among the handful of Jews who evaded capture was the family of a small child named Iossif Ventura. Iossif survived to become a nationally renowned poet. Red Heifer Press is very honored to present the English-speaking world with the first bilingual edition of Tanaïs & Kyklonio, in which the original Modern Greek is accompanied by a powerful English translation that is the collaborative effort of several distinguished poets, scholars and critics.

Iossif Ventura lives the echoing void left by friends, playmates, cousins, uncles and aunts, in a small town haunted by his uprooted Jewish Heritage. These poems stand out among all the poetry of the Holocaust for their eloquent tone, tempered grief, and surrealistic imagery. They are beautifully moving poems, a worthy memorial to the small but ancient Community that for at least 2300 years played an integral role in the economic and cultural life of the Island-a Community that was wiped out in one fatal hour that must never be forgotten. "Transcendent revelation traverses the poetry of Iossif Ventura, a feeling of everyday sacredness, the sacredness of life, transcendent revelation. This sense of the sacre of the historical moment extends throughout Ventura's poetry, giving it a certain rhythm, a musical movement interwoven with biblical rhetoric not that far from the solemn dithyrambs of [legendary Greek poet] Andreas Kalvos."
-Alexis Ziras, Founding Member and past Vice-Chairman and President of the Hellenic Authors Society.

Red Heifer Press.
ISBN: 978-0-9855199-3-3
Trade paper. 120 pages.
Price (US): $14.95

 Luminous Orange

Luminous Orange

Contemporary Haiku and other Poems

by Alexander Forbes

After the Moon . . . a Luminous Orange! Pungent wit, succulent poetry and luminous insight fill this latest collection of Forbes’s inimitable brand of modern haiku—a worthy companion volume to his recently published After the Moon a Blue Ocean. Curious how each of these poems can be read in a few seconds, yet stays with you forever!
Red Heifer Press.
ISBN: 978-0-9855199-0-2
Trade paper. 88 pages.
Price (US): $16.95


Sobol Says:TM

Two Minutes of Torah: TM Short Essays on the Weekly Parsha


Delightfully yet deceptively entertaining, Ephraim Sobol’s two-minute commentaries on the Torah Parshiot are chock full of deep, original. and fascinating insights that make each Parsha vitally relevant and applicable to daily life. Reb Sobol has found a key to the mind of every Jew who “knows he is Jewish in his heart.”
Red Heifer Press.
ISBN: 978-0-9855199-1-9
Trade paper. 80 pages.
Price (US): $14.95..


After the Moon a Blue Ocean:

Modern Haiku and Other Poems

by Alexander M. Forbes

Alexander Forbes, considered by many one of Canada's finest poets, lends a unique, contemporary voice to the ancient art of haiku, tanka, senryu and haibun. Blending humor, whimsy, erudition and elegy with a light but thoughtful brush, Forbes offers surprises as insightful as they are delightful. Long a familiar name to afficionados of modern haiku journals, Forbes presents his first collection of poems in the modern haiku style--the perfect gift for that literate loved one who has everything--or nothing!

Red Heifer Press.

ISBN: 978-0-9631478-7-5.
Trade paper. 80 pages.
Price (US): $16.95.


Until Your People Pass Over; The Story of Our Lives

by Moishe & Yetta Feiner.

Spanning perhaps the most devastating epoch of all of Jewish History, the lives of this remarkable couple are told here by the protagonists with disarming simplicity and spine-chilling directness. From the beleaguered stetlach of the Ukraine to the snowbound steppes of Siberia, from the awe-inspiring Court of the Holy Tzaddik of Belz to the field kitchens of the Soviet Army, this is a Jewish survival narrative unlike any other that I have ever read or heard. Rife with hair-raising terror and trauma, pathos and hilarity, yet brimming with Holiness, with open Miracles, and with unswerving Faith in G–d, this book is a living, unadorned, historical testimony of what it really means to be a Jew in the last and darkest moments before the Ultimate Redemption.

Book Review by Peter Gimpel.


Red Heifer Press.


ISBN: 978-0-9631478-7-0.
Trade Paper. 160 Pages.
Price: (US): $18.00.




Why On Earth Does God Have To Paint?

by Rafael Chodos

The coffee table  art book, traditionally the prestigious but impenetrable refuge of stuffy art critics, the best of whose texts are often unjustly and ironically condemned to serve as drab wallpaper to the beautiful reproductions they were intended to elucidate, has now been superseded. Hail the art book in which paintings and text form an indelible bond of passion, wonder, discovery and self discovery! The inventor of this welcome innovation is none other than Rafael Chodos (already praised on this site as the author of a monumental legal reference work on Fiduciary Duties), who has lately co-authored with celebrated Japanese artist, Junko, a jewel of an art book entitled, Why on Earth Does God Have to Paint?


Centripetal Art.

By Rafael Chodos; Based on Selected Works and Writings of Junko Chodos. Giotto Multimedia, 2009. 336 Pages. ISBN: 978-0-9704042-8-2.

Price: US $35.00

Book Review by Peter Gimpel.




by Dan Bowling

Squadron lead and group lead pilot of the 57th Bomb Wing, 321st Group, 445th Squadron,  22-year old Dan Bowling flew 67 combat missions over Northern Italy between August, 1944 and May, 1945. He also kept a war diary, from which, soon after his return to civilian life, he wrote an expanded memoir of his wartime experiences. Discovering this precious typescript in a closet, where it had lain forgotten for more than 50 years, Dan’s son, historian Lance Bowling, of Cambria Records fame, published this stirring account of the unassuming courage, patriotism and dedication that won the war and keeps America great. Illustrated with Bowling’s personal period photo and document collection and an appendix of rare, original documents pertaining to WWII air operations, this book also contains a rare account of the secret PDI system that enabled the bombardier to control the plane, during bomb runs, for precision bombing. A forthright, valuable, first-hand contribution to your WWII library!



ISBN: 978-0-936939-09-4

Hard cover. 192 pages 

Price (US): $23.95


Brief Rest in the Garden of Flourishing Grace.
Poems of Remembrance & Loss
by the Manchu Prince Yihuan:
Renditions from the Chinese, by Vera Schwarcz.

Remembered chiefly as the father and grandfather of the last rulers of Imperial China, Yihuan (1840-1891) was a gifted and prolific poet whose work represents the last glowing embers of the Confucian school. Working from the original Chinese, poet Vera Schwarcz captures the spirit and humanity of a philosopher-statesman cast aside by the landslide of history. In these wonderful poems by the last patriarch of the Qing Dynasty, Ms. Schwarcz probes with her own poetic artistry the consolation of memory, forging a profound link between old and new, east and west, history and poetry. Though her selection comprises but a small part of Yihuan’s considerable output, there is a greatness here that merits serious attention. Thus we are honored to premiere the poet Yihuan in this, the first representative translation of his work in any western language!

Red Heifer Press.
ISBN: 978-0-9631478-2-0.
Trade paper. 90 pages (including 7 historical illustrations) and 11 art photographs of Chinese gardens.
Price (US): $18.00!


"A brilliant, compassionate and remarkably compelling book . . . among the best--maybe the best--ever written on the subject not just of homosexuality but of the capacity for human change of heart."
--Jeffrey Satinover, MS, MD, former William James Lecturer in Psychology & Religion, Harvard University; former President, C.G. Jung Foundation of Zurich, Author, Homosexuality and the Politics of Truth.

Light in the Closet: Torah, Homosexuality, and the Power to Change.
by Arthur Goldberg.
Can homosexuals transform their sexuality? Torah, Talmud and time-tested advances in gender psychology answer YES! The Co-Director of JONAH (Jews Offering New Alternatives to Homosexuality) tells how. This groundbreaking book explodes the "gay gene" mystique, offering hope, compassion, direction and vitally needed information to gay strugglers, their families, friends, and surrounding community.

Red Heifer Press. ISBN: 978-09631478-9-9.
Trade paper. 600 pages. US$36.00.
Order from www.redheiferpress.com only!





For Di Amud:
Learn Nusach haTefilla with Rabbi Moishe Shur:
Weekday and Shabbos (Nusach Chabad/Russian)

Tired of davening in a monotonous drone? Ashamed to daven for di Amud? Learn the traditional melodic chant for Weekday and Shabbos Prayers! Learn the traditional Nusach of Chabad-Lubavitch and other Russian Chasidim. Taught by renowned Chazan Rabbi Moishe Shur. With 16-page booklet of detailed notes and explanations. Trackmap keyed to standard Chabad Siddur. Includes Kabbalas Shabbos, Kiddush and Havdolah.

2-CD set. Jewel Box included.
Price: US $18.00
Usually ships within 24 hours.



Bee lovers!
You must visit this
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Virtual Beekeeping Gallery


Rumours of Bees. Paintings by Tricia Sellmer, Poems by Alexander Forbes.
An outstanding new poetic talent teams up with one of Canada's most celebrated painters to pay harmonious tribute to those remarkable denizens of the hive, purveyors to the breakfast table and all-around buzzing wonders: The Bees. The result, elegantly bound and beautifully type-set and printed on top-quality archival paper by Abacus Press, makes a charming and thought-provoking dialog between the visual and poetic arts. An unusual gift and an elegant addition to the home library or the parlor coffee table.

Soft Cover. 7.5" X 12". 64 pages.
ISBN: 0-9631478-8-9. Price: US $24.95; Canadian $34.95.





If I Could Sleep by Alex B. Stone.
By the fifth day of sitting Shiva for his eldest daughter, Fred Stern has transformed his mourning into a desperately needed opportunity to reconnect with his soul, his past, and his Faith. There's only one problem: his devoted sister has flown in to share his bereavement, and she's driving him nuts . . .

A brilliant and moving novel about aging, grieving, noodging, and never giving up.

Trade paper. ca 225 pages.
ISBN: 0-9631478-6-2. Price (US): $16.95.



Professor Gansa's Dream, or Science as a Naked Lightbulb: a Jewish reply to Carl Sagan's Demon-haunted World: Science as a Candle in the Dark.
By Peter Gimpel. Narrative poem in 75 "stanzos", satirizing Sagan's anti-religious agenda; with a critical exposé of Sagan's fuzzy thinking, sloppy scholarship, and Jewish self-hatred. With 11 "visualizations" by Gerry McGuinness.


Trade paper. 72 pages (including illustrations).
ISBN: 0-9631478-3-8. Price (US): $12.95.

Read sci-fi luminary David Brin's review of Peter Gimpel's satiric poem on Carl Sagan and other reviews of this fun book.<

13 Ways of Looking at Images: the Logic of Visualization in Literature & Society. By Mervyn Nicholson.

What is a mental image? 13 Ways marks the beginning of a new era of thinking about images and what they are and do. Exploring a broad sampling of deceptively familiar tracts, Nicholson demonstrates that crystallized, frozen into literary texts are the laws that regulate the proliferation and organization of mental images. In tracing this "logic of visualization," Nicholson shows how society–not just individuals–thinks in images, and how this "imagethinking" informs social constructs, not just literary texts. A landmark work by a brilliant and engaging scholar.

Hardcover. 248 pages.
ISBN: 0-9631478-5-4. Price (US): $29.95.


Read review from The Bloomsbury Review.


Concert Paraphrase of the Song of the Soldiers of the Sea (for piano), by Jakob Gimpel (Op. Post.). Sheet Music. Edited by Marc-André Hamelin. Foreword by Peter Gimpel. "Witty, skillfully and brilliantly done, should find widespread recognition, the more as it is based on such a popular patriotic tune . . . bound to become a steed for every concert pianist, but at the same time a valuable technical study for every piano student." —Ernst Toch.

Price (US): $12.95.



The Carnevalis of Eusebius Asch
Edited, Annotated, and with an Introduction by Peter Gimpel.

A young and gifted piano student struggles to find himself between the contradictory worlds of Secular Humanism and Jewish Mysticism in this passionate romance of intellectual and spiritual awakening set against a background of music, literature, philosophy and art. With original contributions in the field of audiopsychology as well as to the understanding of Giambattista Vico, Père Castel, and Hermann Hesse's Glasperlenspiel, this novel is one of the few to have won the distinction of a review in a journal of philosophy. Yet critics and readers alike have praised the Carnevalis for its wit, humor, imagination and emotional power.


Trade paper. 272 pages. ISBN 0-9631478-1-1. Price (US): $14.95.

Click here for reviews of Peter Gimpel's The Carnevalis of Eusebius Asch.


Who is Eusebius Asch? Read Peter Gimpel's
Introduction to The Carnevalis.



Twilight With Halfmoon Rising: Selected Poems by Peter Gimpel.
Containing . . . POETRY MY ARS! A hilarious send-up of the academic poetry scene. ON THE INTERPRETATION OF BEETHOVEN: Elegy from the ruins of today's mass-media classical-music celebrity culture. THE QUESTION: What if the State of Israel had no right to exist? A fable. CANTO VII: An unsuccessful bid for the first civilian spaceride is transformed into a defiant tribute to the Challenger VII Astronauts. TESHUVA: A five-poem cycle celebrating the poet's return to Jewish observance in the chassidic tradition of his grandfather. And much more!

Trade paper.
Price (US): $7.95.

Click here for reviews of Peter Gimpel's Twilight with Halfmoon Rising: Selected Poems by Peter Gimpel




Gates of Torah



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