Light in the ClosetAs a significant and controversial voice in the national debate over gay civil rights, one of my authors has become the object of a hate campaign that has reached the limits of what can be tolerated in civilized society. I am referring to Arthur Goldberg, author of Light in the Closet: Torah, Homosexuality, and the Power to Change, published by Red Heifer Press (2008). The book is a Torah-based, in-depth exposition of the theoretical principles underlying Gender-Affirming Therapies, and a well-documented exposé of the political blackmail, shameless disinformation, media manipulation, and vicious tactics employed by certain militant gay-liberation organizations and individuals in the service of their radical agenda.

More importantly, Light in the Closet is a plea for understanding and compassion for all those who are affected by SSA (same-sex attraction) and a message of hope and encouragement to the many homosexuals who are deeply and tragically conflicted over sexual inclinations that put them at odds with their religious background and conscience.

Light in the Closet has elicited an avalanche of glowing and grateful reviews from doctors, psychiatrists, psychologists, rabbis, priests, ministers, and lay people both straight and gay. It has been called "a work so important that it belongs on the desk and in the hands of every Rabbi, Rosh Yeshiva,, therapist, social worker, school principal, parent, and most critically, every SSA sufferer aspiring to make himself whole." As the editor and publisher of this monumental work, I am proud to have published it under my Red Heifer Press imprint, and I am proud to number Arthur Goldberg among my most esteemed friends and colleagues. I know him as honorable, kind, conscientious and loyal, and selflessly dedicated to a courageous and vital cause that has profoundly changed for the better the lives of many hundreds of men and women.

From a layman's curiosity, Mr. Goldberg educated himself into one of the world's foremost experts on the subject of gender orientation, and has lectured on the subject in a multitude of cities on several continents. Because certain vested interests regard his work as a threat to their radical agenda of "social transformation," Mr. Goldberg has been threatened, harassed, and libeled, and is now being sued in a meritless SLAPP-style action (Ferguson et al. vs. JONAH et al.) whose obvious goal is to stifle his exercise of Constitutionally guaranteed Freedoms of Speech and Religion.

As a home-born American citizen, I was brought up with "I may not agree with what you say, but will fight to the death for your right to say it." As a graduate of a distinguished American law school, I was also taught that "reasonable men may differ". Unfortunately, when "political correctness", through disinformation and intimidation, arrogates Truth unto its exclusive self, the First Amendment becomes a very thin shield indeed. When this happens, only the personal strength, faith, fortitude and integrity of the man behind the shield stand between a free society and a despicable one. Whether you agree with him or not, Arthur Goldberg is such a man.

For information on how to contribute to Arthur's defense, please contact the Freedom of Conscience Defense Fund, http://www.consciencedefense.org/


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